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Online Research and Web Surveys

Web based studies are ideal for British Columbia’s smaller businesses and organizations.

Reveal Research's internet survey system provides you with economical, timely and insightful information from your clients, prospects, employees or website visitors.

You can ask about their preferences, satisfaction or outlook on any topic you are interested in investigating. For their analysis and critique, you can present photos, graphics, audio, video, entire websites and of course, text.
web survey vancouver Examine in detail all the capabilities and security features our web surveys offer.

Respondents invited to participate in an online study need to simply fill out the questionnaire electronically, at their convenience by following a link from your website or an invitation email. This no pressure approach, compared to telephone interviews, allows for time to formulate thoughts and alleviates the impact of anxiety or shyness.

Online surveys deliver quality data faster than any other data collection method. Imagine sending out a survey invitation by email to all your clients at once and to start receiving responses immediately!

Since web research is digital, it is also inexpensive. There is little difference between the price of conducting 10 interviews and conducting 1000. You will also save because there is no need for interviewing staff, no printing and postage costs, and no manual entry, verification and data cleaning.

Online studies are leveling the market research playing field in terms of usability and affordability for BC's small and medium organizations like yours. Don’t delay; contact Reveal Research for full analysis of your needs and a quote on premier research methodology - the web survey.

Do you want to save time and money?
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