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Are Your Employees Satisfied, Motivated and Committed?

In today’s job market your staff has many employment options, that means you need to work extra hard to assure their loyalty.

Most employees cite dissatisfaction with their monetary compensation as the main reason for leaving.
In some cases this is true. However, we know that money is a satisfier, not a motivator.
As long as an employee receives what they consider adequate compensation, more money will not buy more productivity.

So what factors impact employee satisfaction and therefore their commitment to the success of your organization? And which ones does your organization measure on regular basis?

  • Trust
    Employees say that being trusted to get their job done is very important to their sense of success and satisfaction. Employees say trust reflects an employer's confidence in the employee's ability to succeed.

  • Opportunity
    Getting the opportunity to do the type of work they want to do, and are good at. Rigid job descriptions and lack of opportunities for lateral moves within the company prevent that.

  • Flexibility
    Employees who feel they have some flexibility in when, where, or how they get their work done are more satisfied with their jobs. Finding ways for employees to achieve a reasonable balance between their personal and professional commitments helps employees feel a sense of control over their lives and work.

  • Career planning
    Six in 10 employees say they want employers to help them think about a career, and provide a clear path and goals for the future career growth. Unless that is in place why would your employees not jump ship to further their career goals?

  • Training
    Employees are eager to receive training and counseling to help them excel in their work. More than 80 percent say that receiving training that increases their skills and abilities is a key component of what they are looking for in their jobs.

  • Rewarding achievements
    Most companies have mechanisms for punishing their employees. Yet few systematically reward their employees’ extra effort, spectacular customer service, or innovative ways to streamline processes.

  • Communication
    If there is one sure way to demotivate and lose employees, it is to forget that communication is a two-way street. How easy do you make it for your people to submit their ideas and concerns? And once they have, do you explain how and why you will or will not take action?

Employee research can uncover surprising results that illustrate the reality of how work environment, benefits and compensation are perceived by workers. This insight reveals to higher management the changes needed for optimum retention of the finest workforce and attraction of quality new people.

In today’s economy, for your company to succeed, you must seriously consider and monitor employee satisfaction, motivation and commitment. Reveal Research’s solutions will assist you in shaping your human resource strategies to ensure low turnover and high loyalty.
Contact Reveal Research and let us show you how.

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