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Evaluating Partner Network Satisfaction Levels

A happy partner is a profitable partner. Protect investment of time, effort and money by monitoring your business critical alliances.

In today's demanding markets that reward specialization, it is seldom that companies achieve success by operating alone.
Whether you call them partners, strategic allies, affiliates, franchisees, distributors or resellers, their enthusiasm and commitment are necessary ingredients for the success of your business networks and relationships.

Just as measuring and tracking end-user satisfaction will reveal areas in need of improvement, so will monitoring of the satisfaction levels of your critical business partners present opportunities to streamline the performance of your networks.

We understand how valuable business arrangements are and we are committed to providing comprehensive research and intelligence that will help you examine key factors affecting those arrangements and show most effective ways to achieve your business objectives.
No matter how big or small your networks are, consider how much smoother they would operate if their members would provide you with timely and standardized feedback in the following areas:

  • Products and Product Lines
  • Services and Service Quality
  • Competitive Comparisons, Pricing and Margins
  • Field Organization Quality and Support Services
  • Sales Promotion Programs
  • Marketing and Advertising Efforts
  • Order Processing and Delivery
  • Payments and Credit
  • Staff Training and Development
  • End-user Communications and Feedback
  • Key Accounts Fluctuations
  • Leadership, Vision, Strategies
  • Current and Planned Investments

Don’t take your business allies for granted, contact Reveal Research now for a complimentary assessment of your critical business networks’ research needs.

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