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Advertising and Marketing Efforts Testing & Tracking

Optimizing your advertising development and strategies for success.

Advertising is more important for some businesses than others, but no one will argue that getting the most bang for the ad dollar is the goal for everyone. How does your organization decide on the advertising message, the creative, the frequency and the medium that will carry your advertising? How do you know the right combination of those factors was achieved and will guarantee the highest return on investment?

Conducting market research beforehand provides you with clearer message objectives, helps to select the right media channels and tests variations of potential ads.

Would the impact of your ad campaign be greater and your money spent wiser if you asked
yourself the following questions?

  • What are the detailed demographics and psychographics of your target audience?
  • Which mockup is most effective, informative and memorable?
  • How do your ads compare to those of your competitors?
  • Does your creative grab attention or does it aggravate the audience?
  • Is your call to action strong enough?
  • Which medium or mediums should you select for maximum impact?
  • After predicting the ROI, is it worth it, in the first place, to start this campaign?

Test your ad or marketing concepts before pursuing it for your business. Reveal Research has the expertise and tools to conduct comparison tests, focus groups or to get the feedback from current, previous and prospective customers. We can work directly with your marketing team, an external design firm or can recommend ones that excel at utilizing insight gained from marketing research in their processes.

Why not allocate 10% of your marketing budget to marketing research? It will make all your marketing efforts twice as effective. Please contact us for a free consultation and assessment of your current advertising process and strategies.

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