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Testing and Tracking of Concepts and Performance

To attain success, it is essential to assess all options, select the top ones and systematically track their values over time.

The realities of fast moving, cutthroat markets dictate that in order for a business to prosper, it must make quicker and better decisions than its competitors.
With Reveal Research testing and tracking methodologies, you can be sure your decision and reactive processes are fact-centric and continually fueled with relevant and timely data.


Avoid the pitfalls of preconceptions or groupthink; instead with pretesting studies, engage your clients and prospects in the design process.
Pretests allow you to showcase an unlimited number of variations, attributes, options, prices, messages and then measure in detail which combinations appeal and resonate best with their intended audience.


Recurring and reliable measurements of key attributes are vital to noticing how internal and external factors are affecting brand image, marketing campaigns or service and product values.
With tracking research it is easy to spot and fix small issues before they turn into tough problems, as well as to make educated predictions of future performance and opportunities.

Most commonly tested and tracked categories:

Reveal Research has the tools and expertise to help you make the right choices with concept testing studies as well as ability to track over time effectives and value of those choices.

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